Empowering publishers to make informed revenue decisions in real-time.

Digital advertising has evolved in the favor of advertisers who have powerful spending tools and data insights to target audiences in real-time. So we built a revolutionary revenue analytics solution with publishers in mind.

Introducing The Adaptive Platform.

Now you can unlock insights on the revenue each user is generating and how users are engaging with your digital property in real-time, giving you the power to make informed decisions based on the most important metric, revenue.

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Real-time Dashboard

Understand the Value of Your Users

The Adaptive Platform gives you instant access to the analytics that indicate which users, content, referral source, UTMs, and demand sources are driving your revenue and eCPM.

Revenue Attribution

Improve Your Monetization Strategy

Our tools will help you track all your revenue events on a micro level so that you can make informed decisions about your demand partners, acquisition campaigns, editorial calendar, content distribution, and more.

Content Engagement Insights

Discover Which Content Attracts Premium Advertisers

We understand that quality content is the key to your business, so we provide you with specific page-level data to help you measure the eCPM and revenue value of the audience who engages with your content.

Audience Extension

Optimize Your Campaigns for Higher ROI

Leverage our real-time tracking technology to monitor your content promotion, audience development, and audience extension campaigns directly against your revenue all in one report.

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